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Hentai (Adult porn)

Adult cartoon or animation is an animated work that is mainly towards adults and adolescents, not meant for children or everyone. This genre is term adult for numerous reasons like graphic violence, profane language, and dark humor, suggestive or sexual content or complex themes. Also this genre may aim at philosophical, social or political issues.


Hentai is anime and manga pornography in Japanese language. Though, hentai is not a genre of media but is a type of perverse or sexual desire or act. The real meaning of hentai in Japanese language is a transformation or metamorphosis. The word pervert was derived from there. Hentai is use as an erotic depiction, these depictions is split into different media, such as erotic manga, erotic anime and erotic games. Hentai is normally defined as anime containing excess nudity and graphic sexual intercourse whether perverse or not.

Hentai genre are divided into many subgenres, this classification included homosexual and heterosexual acts. Homosexual are subgenre that are known as yaoi(gay) and Yuri(lesbian) while heterosexual interaction occur between the opposite sex. But both yaoi and bit of Yuri are generally aimed at members of the opposite sex. Yaoi pornography is mainly fan fiction. But Yuri by definition is animation or comics with lesbian themed.

Hentai is based on sexual fetishes which include many subgenres. The largest subgenre of hentai is futanari also called as hermaphrodites, features a female possessing a penis or penis like which is add to an external body part that project from the body of a normal female genitals. Futanari acts always involve sex with other women, and submissive to men. Yonekura kengo is an exception subgenre which deals with female dominion and empowerment over males.

Others are:

  • BAKUNYU: is a genre of pornographic media whose depiction is aimed at women with large breast.
  • INCEST: is a fetish form of sexual intercourse or activities with legal family members or close relatives. This involves intercourse between blood relations, and those related by marriage, adoption, lineage, clan or stepfamily. This incest taboo is one of the most popular and viewed genre in the world.
  • NETORARE:  sexual activities that deals with cheating, straying, adultery, being unfaithful, or having affair mostly with couples. Netorare is violation of relationship norms or set of rules, this occur from rage, rivalry and betrayal, reducing personal and sexual confidence.
  • OMORACHI:  this is also known as urolagnia, or urine fetish in which participants getting arouse from full bladder or wetting themselves or seeing someone doing it.
  • TENTACLE EROTIC: is a paraphilia genre which forms elements of bestiality, horror or science fiction theme. This also genre features tentacle creatures and fictional monsters which involve in sexual intercourse, dominating or forcibly with females and less often with males.

The most prolific viewers or consumer of this adult porn are men. Erotic games are an erotic depiction that comprises of three media, cartoons, pornography and gaming into an experience. Anime depicting normal sexual acts gain less in the market success than those breaking social norms, examples of these social norms are sex at schools raping, incest or bondage. The hentai genre involves high number of consumers expanding every year and want more or better quality and awesome storylines.

The 7 Types of Japan’s finest Animes

Animes, Hentai and Manga

Anime is known as animated cartoon in Japanese, or animation made in Japan. Also it’s any animated show or movie that uses signature aspect of Japanese style animation, dramatic panning characteristic facial expressions and vibrant colors. Anime in Japan is a culturally accepted and fairy basic form of entertainment for adults.

The 7 Types of Japan's finest Animes

In U.S. anime is identify as a niche form of entertainment, made mostly for adults. Anime contains multitudes, content produced for a wide range of viewers. There is an anime to match any taste as we have different genre, from action, romance and drama, and also historical fiction, comedy, horror.

Anime can be in subbed and dubbed formats. While subbed anime plays original Japanese with English or other languages as subtitles, Dubbed anime features English speaking cast of voice over actors from a translated script. Also subbed anime gives the most accurate version of the original version; there is more of mixed bag in dubbed anime, especially with other series and films.

Anime and Manga

Manga are comic books in Japan, which serve as inspiration for anime series. While in U.S manga refers only to comic from Japan, manga is the Japanese word for comic books. Therefore in Japan, comics are considered as manga.

Anime Genres

Anime include a diverse range of storytelling styles, genres in anime are different by the want of audience.

Here are the popular genres, along with examples:

  1. Shonen: this anime can be comics about schools, sports, and any other theme. It is likely made for younger boys, like the teenager or young adult. Shonen anime is the popular and common genre. When talking about the plot or play, you are likely to see a school boy who gains super power to fight monsters. It’s is an equivalent of Japanese superhero anime seen in the west. Here are examples of the most popular anime ever, they are Naruto (one piece), dragon ball which are product of shonen anime.
  2. Seinen: this anime are fully made for older men. Seinen anime might be similar in plot to shonen anime, but the graphic are more mature and serious in tone. Examples are Akira and Black lagoon, bersek, are made of seinen anime. The theme of the play can be in politics, relationship, sports and supernatural.
  3.  Shojo: These genre common themes are likely relationship or romance, made for young girls. Also has subgenre called maho shojo here it focus are on superhero and magical girls fighting evil. Nana and ouran high school host club are some of the popular shojo anime, and the popular maho shojo anime are Tokyo mew mew, sailor and mahout shoujo madoka magica.
  4.  Josei: made mostly for adult women as it content might have erotic scene, though not always. The plots are more expressed and mature than shojo genre. Here relationships are far less romanticized. The popular josei anime are pet shop of horrors, paradise kiss and usage drop.
  5. Yaoi and Yuri are mainly on homosexual relationships. While yaoi focuses are at female audience which show male to male relationships, Yuri focus on the male audience and display female to female relationships.
  6. Hentai sometimes called Ecchi is a sex genre, or anime pornography is a softer genre, which contains erotic content is not so explicit though. They are no target specified for the audience. Hentai and one of the most researched in Brazil.
  7. Mecha deals with giant robots, fighting aliens, monster or other robots etc. they usually have a lot of science fiction in mecha genre. Mobile suit gundam, neon genesis, evangelion and tengen toppa gurren lagan are popular examples of mecha genre.

Nihonbare (clear weather)

Nihonbare is a Japanese word with English translations which is termed as beautiful weather, clear and cloudless sky, or moderate weather. This weather is suitable for outdoor activities.

Nihonbare (clear weather)

Japan’s climate

Climate condition and weather in Japan vary as you travel north or south. Most part of Japan lies on the temperate zone and has a humid subtropical climate, while its northern island, Hokkaido, has a calm humid continental climate, and the southern islands of Okinawa have a warm tropical rainforest climate.

  • Ryukyu Islands are always hot summers and warm winters located in the south, also have a milder conditions present in the north; they are generally prone to typhoons.
  • Weather is gentle and kind most of the year around the selto inland sea.
  • Around the sea vicinity of Japan, they experience heavy snowfall during winters, and less than average rainy day in the summers.
  • Summers are cold and soft while there is long and chilly in winters which occur in the Hokkaido region.
  • Region of the central highland experience hot and humid in summer period, and during winters there are likely faced by moderate cold.
  • Winters are mild for region by the Pacific Ocean, occurrence of sunny and humid for a very long time of the year.

Season in Japan

Japan has four seasons: in the month ranging from March to May is spring; summer is from June to August; September to November is called autumn; and December to February is winter.

  • Spring and autumn: these are the most comfortable two season in Japan, spring is a favorites for a lot of tourist because it the time when the pink cherry flowers bloom and transform many garden into a breathtaking sight all over the country. Hanami fall in spring, the time to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo is at the end of March and beginning of April. Autumn is when the heat breaks, humidity become low or goes down, and the air feels dry and cool. November in Tokyo is where you see trees leaves turning red and yellow, decorating the mountains and streets with beautiful colors. It is when most of their cultural event holds.
  • Summer season: in Japan summer days are very hot and humid, with temperatures going as high as 30s Celsius. The temperature grows due to the high humidity. From June to August, the country observes big festivals and events. Summer events such as hanabi (fireworks) in Tokyo, natsu matsuri (summer festival) in Osaka, Gion festival celebrated in Kyoto. When going out it is advisable to be with a hat, an umbrella, liquid or a folding fan to reduce the heat.

Winter season: Japan is expected to be generally dry from December to January they are white snow covering the mountain, old buildings and grounds. You can find snow in places such as Tohoku, Hokkaido and Hokuriku. During the start of season the temperature drops and get cold easily. But by the end of December it get very cold with temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius or around 15-20 degrees Celsius mostly found in the Kyushu region and smaller islands.