Animes, Hentai and Manga

Anime is known as animated cartoon in Japanese, or animation made in Japan. Also it’s any animated show or movie that uses signature aspect of Japanese style animation, dramatic panning characteristic facial expressions and vibrant colors. Anime in Japan is a culturally accepted and fairy basic form of entertainment for adults.

The 7 Types of Japan's finest Animes

In U.S. anime is identify as a niche form of entertainment, made mostly for adults. Anime contains multitudes, content produced for a wide range of viewers. There is an anime to match any taste as we have different genre, from action, romance and drama, and also historical fiction, comedy, horror.

Anime can be in subbed and dubbed formats. While subbed anime plays original Japanese with English or other languages as subtitles, Dubbed anime features English speaking cast of voice over actors from a translated script. Also subbed anime gives the most accurate version of the original version; there is more of mixed bag in dubbed anime, especially with other series and films.

Anime and Manga

Manga are comic books in Japan, which serve as inspiration for anime series. While in U.S manga refers only to comic from Japan, manga is the Japanese word for comic books. Therefore in Japan, comics are considered as manga.

Anime Genres

Anime include a diverse range of storytelling styles, genres in anime are different by the want of audience.

Here are the popular genres, along with examples:

  1. Shonen: this anime can be comics about schools, sports, and any other theme. It is likely made for younger boys, like the teenager or young adult. Shonen anime is the popular and common genre. When talking about the plot or play, you are likely to see a school boy who gains super power to fight monsters. It’s is an equivalent of Japanese superhero anime seen in the west. Here are examples of the most popular anime ever, they are Naruto (one piece), dragon ball which are product of shonen anime.
  2. Seinen: this anime are fully made for older men. Seinen anime might be similar in plot to shonen anime, but the graphic are more mature and serious in tone. Examples are Akira and Black lagoon, bersek, are made of seinen anime. The theme of the play can be in politics, relationship, sports and supernatural.
  3.  Shojo: These genre common themes are likely relationship or romance, made for young girls. Also has subgenre called maho shojo here it focus are on superhero and magical girls fighting evil. Nana and ouran high school host club are some of the popular shojo anime, and the popular maho shojo anime are Tokyo mew mew, sailor and mahout shoujo madoka magica.
  4.  Josei: made mostly for adult women as it content might have erotic scene, though not always. The plots are more expressed and mature than shojo genre. Here relationships are far less romanticized. The popular josei anime are pet shop of horrors, paradise kiss and usage drop.
  5. Yaoi and Yuri are mainly on homosexual relationships. While yaoi focuses are at female audience which show male to male relationships, Yuri focus on the male audience and display female to female relationships.
  6. Hentai sometimes called Ecchi is a sex genre, or anime pornography is a softer genre, which contains erotic content is not so explicit though. They are no target specified for the audience. Hentai and one of the most researched in Brazil.
  7. Mecha deals with giant robots, fighting aliens, monster or other robots etc. they usually have a lot of science fiction in mecha genre. Mobile suit gundam, neon genesis, evangelion and tengen toppa gurren lagan are popular examples of mecha genre.
The 7 Types of Japan’s finest Animes
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